The Summer Learning Zone is an exciting and innovative summer camp designed for children ages 6 – 13 years old. In response to the current pandemic all summer programming is virtual. Our program provides home deliveries including academic enrichment, STEAM and art activities.  We offer video and Zoom sessions, fitness and hip hop dance, academic support and social emotional learning. There is a technology loan available to families as well.  All activities are designed to provide youth development and age-appropriate career exposure to enhance character and build valuable skill sets.

This camp is FREE for TANF Eligible families!

What The Learning Zone Offers

Daily Academic Enrichment

STEAM Activities

Social-Emotional Learning

Virtual Field Trips

Fitness Instruction

Arts & Crafts

Healthy Snacks

Technology Loan

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Registration is closed and will reopen prior to the summer of 2021!


There are no forms needed for this program at this time.

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