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Day in the Life of an Intern- Josh Bean, Dogtopia

10:00 am Go through the binder of things to clean and get the day started.
11:00 am Help make lunches for dogs, feed them and retrieve their bowls once they’re done. During this time, it’s important to monitor them and make sure they have everything they need.
12:30 pm Lunchtime. Time to kick back, relax, and have a quick snack while the pups nap.
1:00pm The next shift of workers arrive and open up the rooms for the dogs. They’re pretty energetic after their nap!
2:00 pm During this time, there might be meet-ins, where people bring in dogs for the first time, let dog gets used to other dogs. Dogs are being boarded in while others might be getting ready to go home and everything has to be tracked accurately by signing the dogs in and out.
3:00pm After a long day of playing with, feeding, and supervising pups, it’s time to clean up and head home for the day!

Q&A with Joshua

How has COVID changed your work? I used to work in construction and am used to different type of work. But I’ve really liked my time here at Dogtopia and feel like I’ve learned a lot.  
What’s something you’ve learned over this summer? Getting a certification I had to go through training. I learned about breeds of dogs, I learned about signs for dogs and their behavior, when a dog is sad, and understanding their feelings and emotions.
Favorite Dog? Gucci. She’s is a Pomeranian poodle mix.  She’s highly intelligent it’s like she knows exactly what I’m saying. She does everything off of first command.
What’s a highlight of your day? After the dogs take a nap and we let them out and the next shift of coworkers come. A lot of them are older than me and I’m probably the youngest one here, but I get along with them and like spending time with them.